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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Here are a few services we offer assistance with. This is the shortlist. We want to be your 1 stop shop for all your needs.

Floor Space Optimization Through Automated Storage and Retrieval 

  • Save space and optimize room height

  • Create an ergonomic working environment

  • Securely store goods

  • Increase picking speed and accuracy

  • Keep systems flexible 

  • Modular systems

  • More storage space/capacity in a smaller footprint

  • Increased throughput

  • Improved inventory control

  • Expandable, scalable, and flexible

  • Extremely safe and ergonomic 

  • Stored goods stay protected

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Racking And Shelving Manual and Automated

  • Optimize space utilization and make available as much as 65% of your current storage space for more profitable activities.

  • Lower costs by maximizing your storage capacity and eliminating the need to buy, build or rent additional space, and consequently increase your bottom-line profits.

  • A configurable and re-configurable solution that accommodates growth.

  • Superior durability and trouble-free maintenance.

  • Streamline workflow and improve inventory management by consolidating the organization of your materials and reconfiguring your floor space.

  • Enhances building and organizational marketability.

  • Eco-friendly, since it contributes to a more sustainable workspace by reducing your warehousing’s energy consumption and environmental impact.

Warehouse Optimization

  • Process inefficiencies

  • Redundancies 

  • Excessive travel time

  • Deadhead travel time

  • Excessive operator decision-making

  • Lack of planning

  • Automation

  • Streamlining processes

  • Changing pick strategy

  • Material handling equipment

  • Storage configuration


Gravity and Power Conveyors

  • Transport

  • Accumulation

  • Sortation

  • Pallet Handling

  • Unlimited Transport Opportuinities 

  • Take Control of Transport Speeds From A to B

  • Save Time

  • Save Manpower

Project Management

Let us manage the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve your specific project objectives. You have goals and time constraints and we understand this. After we agree on how to move forward, we will take care of headaches and painstaking processes you have enough to worry about and we want you to focus on what you do best.

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Safety Consulting and Equipment

Our consultants will travel to your facility for a complete site safety assessment. Our comprehensive site safety inspection will identify any areas of risk and measure OSHA compliance. ASG America can assist in the implementation of corrective actions and products which will greatly decrease losses from product or equipment damage and worker injuries and associated costs including lawsuits. 

Much More

As we stated above, this is the short list. We can assist you in anything you need. Just ask! 

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